Taking classes will definitely help students, but sometimes students just need that little extra kick in order to get them into perfect mental shape right before an exam. This is why Spotlight decided to start the SAT Boot Camp.

We all know that students should study throughout the year to get the best results. And indeed we do offer classes and help throughout the year for those who want it. However, we also know that when it really comes down to it, even the best students spend the last few weeks before the test cramming as much information as they can into their heads. The SAT Boot Camp is designed to take advantage of this energy and achieve the best results possible, with maximum efficiency. These intensive sessions can make the difference between a good score, and a great one.

The following courses qualify for the SAT Boot Camp Program: SAT I Math, SAT I Critical Reading and Writing, SAT II Math 2C, SAT II Biology, SAT II Chemistry, and SAT II Physics.

We offer SAT Programs that include 6 weeks of subject review classes AND 3 weeks of Boot Camp. Boot Camp is an intensive 3-week program designed to increase standardized test scores. For SAT I, students will take 3 model tests per week (each test takes approximately 3.5 hours). For SAT II, students will take a one hour model test each day.
Please click on the links below to find out more information about the SAT I and SAT II Programs we offer and to view the schedules.

SAT I Programs Schedule
SAT II Programs Schedule




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