What should I expect from boot camp?
Boot Camp is a rigorous and intense test preparation program administered prior to the actual exams. During Boot Camp, students complete a number of practice tests in a simulated test setting. Exams are timed, scores are recorded, and, most importantly, experienced teachers will answer all of your questions!

Do I have to take all of the practice tests?
No, you do not have to take all of the practice tests, but it is highly recommended. We make so many practice tests available because we believe the more you practice, the better your results. If you have to miss a day, there are convenient make up times available.

How many classes should I take?
The appropriate number of classes depends on the individual. You should carefully consider what subjects you need help with and what subjects you would like to advance in.

Can I join any classes in the middle of the semester?
Students may join any of our year-round classes at any time. However, for our more advanced courses (AP and SAT programs), we will have to scrutinize students more carefully who wish to enter in the middle of the school year.

When should I take my SAT I and SAT II Tests?
You should take the SAT I your first time during your junior year of high school. You should take the SAT II tests when you have completed coursework in the appropriate subject.

Which AP tests should I take?
You should take AP tests in subjects about which you feel the most confident. Most of our students start their AP coursework with AP Biology, available to high school freshmen. Since AP scores are important factors for college admissions, it is recommended that you complete as many AP classes as possible.




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