The Spotlight Guarantee Program ensures that your child will deliver an outstanding performance on his or her next standardized test. All AP, SAT I, and SAT II courses qualify for The Spotlight Guarantee Program.
AP - 4 (well qualified) or 5 (extremely well qualified)
SAT I - 2100 or a 150-point improvement over the student's previous score
SAT II - 750 or a 50-point improvement over the student's previous score

Enrollment Requirements
We believe only discipline and hard work can guarantee a good score on standardized tests, so we expect continued diligence from our students throughout the year. Because of this, we ask that students observe the following requirements throughout the year in order to qualify for The Spotlight Guarantee Program.

1. Students must attend every class. They will be allowed only one excused absence, and must not be tardy more than a total of three times (you are tardy if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a class).

2. Students must score an 80% or higher on all Spotlight tests, quizzes, and homework. An assignment with less than an 80% score will be considered a failed score. Students must redo and resubmit failed assignments.

3. Students must have a B+ average or higher in the corresponding school course if they are enrolled in both the Spotlight and school course concurrently.

4. Students must take the test on one of the scheduled target test dates.

5. For the SAT I, students must take all three subjects - Critical Reading, Writing, and Math.

6. Certain classes may have additional requirements. Please take note of them.

Please note: Spotlight Education Institute reserves the right to determine the eligibility of all students who apply. If test scores do not increase, Spotlight Guarantee students can retake the classes at a special discount.

Click on the links below to view class schedules that qualify for The Spotlight Guarantee.
SAT I (Students must take all three subjects in SAT I to qualify for The Spotlight Guarantee)
AP (Advanced Placement)




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